Who was Renatus Cartesius

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Renatus Cartesius (latinized of Rene Descartes) was born in 1596 in La Haye en Touraine, France, now called Descartes. In 1616 he graduated in Law, satisfying his father’s wishes.

In 1618 he joined the army of Maurice of Nassau of the Dutch, then moved to Denmark and later to Germany where he served under Duke Maximilian of Bavaria. Later he traveled and lived in different places (Sweden, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary).
He returned to the Dutch Republic in 1628 where he stayed until 1649. During that time his love for philosophy and mathematics led him to write his major works. He died in Stockholm in 1650.

As a philosopher he believed that thought exists and because he can think, he, therefore, exists (Cogito ego sum). Furthermore, he supported that the body follows the laws of physics, whereas the mind (soul) does not. However, as the mind can control the body, so can the body influence the mind.

As a mathematician he provided the basis for Leibniz and Newton’s calculus, he created analytic geometry and developed Cartesian geometry. What he is mostly known for, though, is the Cartesian coordinate system.

To pay tribute to the memory of René Descartes (Renatus Cartesius), the great philosopher, mathematician and seeker of the truth, our web site was named after him.

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