Multi Language – Multi Audio Live Streaming

A unique and innovative service for events with simultaneous interpretations


  • One stream with multiple audio (languages).
  • Viewers can change the audio channel in realtime.
  • Our player supports multiple language tracks for live and on-demand video.
  • Plays on all devices. Adobe flash is not required.
  • FREE webpage for your event. (example)
  • FREE hosting of the video for one year.
  • Very easy to embed on your personal or corporate website.
  • White label live streaming (no logos on top of the video).
  • Delivery of the Full HD video files for your archive.
  • We use our own video streaming platform & ultramodern equipment.

Based in Geneva, available all over Switzerland and abroad.

Make the difference

A really multilingual live stream with many selectable languages.

Example with 6 audio channels: original (floor) sound, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic languages.