Hire video professionals in Switzerland

Camera operator / videographer, soundman / field recordist, production assistant, grip, local fixer, video editor / motion graphics specialist, stills photographer, live streaming engineer & other crew available for hire / booking at short notice.

We are not a crewing agency, intermediaries or middle men;
We are a group of experienced professionals based in Switzerland.

Demo reel

Videographer: John Mallidis

Videographer –
Camera crew

Hire one or more English speaking videographers in Switzerland. With or without own gear.
Experts in events, conferences, corporate video, interviews, vox pops, current affairs, network news, etc.
ENG camera person for your reporter or stringer in Switzerland.

TV Studio in Geneva

Broadcast live or record at our cozy and fully equipped television studio. Suitable for Live interviews, Talk shows, Media training, Green screen recording and other uses.

Live Streaming

for events, conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars, music & theatrical plays, sport games and more.

One or multiple camera coverage with video switcher, titles, banners, lower 3rds, graphics, etc.


  • Live streaming simultaneously (in parallel) to multiple social media accounts; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter-Periscope, etc.
  • White label live streaming (no logos or your own logo on top of the video).
  • Ad-free broadcasting.
  • Delivery of the Full HD video files for your archive.
  • We use our own ultramodern equipment as well as our own video streaming software and servers.

Remote interviews

From anywhere in the world your journalist contacts the interview using VoIP such as Skype™ and our cameraman is filming the interviewee on location in Switzerland.

A two way communication is established between the journalist and the interviewee.

  • Interviewee can listen and see the interviewer from a monitor placed next to the camera.
  • Interviewer can listen and watch the stream coming from the camera.

Original camera’s video files will be delivered to you with our blazing fast FTP or other online service.

Live remote interviews with Skype TX ™

Your Skype™ contributors don’t have to look amateurish!
We connect one of our broadcast quality cameras and professional microphone to Skype. With proper lighting and set-up you will get the high level interview you are asking for. On your end, you get SDI signal for your video mixer using Skype’s partners solutions such as NewTek’s Talkshow®, Quicklink’s TX® or RIEDEL’s STX-200®.

Webcast productions

A great tool to increase the impact and the audience of a presentation.
Single- or multi-camera webinars (cameras, video mixer, encoder, live streaming). Watch our team’s NetPlayer.tv solution for seminars and lectures “on demand”. We record, edit, sync and upload a lecture or presentation. Audience from around the globe can watch the video and slides in synchronization!

Watch and play around with a demo here.

Post Production Services

  • Video editing.
  • Subtitling.
  • Voice over.
  • Animated graphics.
  • BETACAM, DVCAM & VHS to digital video files optimized for DVD, BluRay™ and Internet.

Consultancy - Training

For corporations and organizations who are creating an in-house video production and / or live streaming department.

Rental equipment

Get your selected equipment directly to your filming spot in Switzerland.
All known brands (Marshal, LED Panels, Dedo, Kinoflo, ARRI, Sachtler, EasyRig, etc.) are available for rent in collaboration with dependable Switzerland based rental companies.
Save time and money. Instead of carrying on an airplane production monitors, lighting kits, tripods, cranes, dollies, etc., we wil deliver the equipment to you and return everything back to the rental shop.

Camera kits we are experienced with and are available locally for hire:

  • JVC GY-HM700E
  • SONY PMW 200 / 300 / 400 / 500
  • Canon C300 with Canon EOS lenses
  • SONY F5 / F55 with Canon, Zeiss or ARRI PL-mount prime & zoom lenses
  • SONY PDW 800 with Fujinon HA13X4.5 or HA23X7.6 BERD


Discuss with us your needs about your video related project in Switzerland without any obligation.