Live Streaming Services for Events

Simultaneously to multiple social media accounts & websites

We transmit your live event simultaneously to as many social media as you like: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – Periscope, Twitch, etc.

We also provide exclusive live streaming / webcasts on our platform. Benefits are:

  • Free of advertisements.
  • White label (no logos on top of the video. Only your logo, if you wish so).
  • Very easy to embed on your personal or corporate website. (Live event on your website)
  • We prepare for you and host a custom webpage with a description of the event and your logo on it.

Broadcast quality live transmission to TV Stations

  • Broadcast quality live transmission (up to 15Mbps).
  • Less than 2 seconds delay.
  • No need for special expensive equipment to play out on your TV station.
  • No satellite booking.
  • Reasonable rates.

On our side

  • We set up for live in any place with a decent Ethernet Internet connection (upload speed of only 10 – 15 Mbps needed).
  • Capture with FULL HD professional cameras (depending on the type of coverage we use SONY PMW200, FS5 or FS7).
  • Encoding with latest hardware and pass-through of the live stream using our own dedicated server.

On your side

  • Use your Internet connection (10 – 15 Mbps download speed is sufficient).
  • Connect to our stream with a laptop and a Flash enabled browser or VLC.
  • Connect the HDMI-out of the laptop directly to your vision mixer or with an HDMI to SDI converter.

You get

  • A full screen, up to 1920x1080 Full HD signal with mono or stereo sound. Clean feed: no logos, no mouse cursor, no overlays.
  • Less than two (2) seconds delay from our cameras to your video switcher.

You pay

  • The standard fee for an equipped camera operator in Switzerland, starting from 600 Swiss francs for 1/2 day (minimum charge).
  • The cost of the transmission, starting from 100 Swiss francs for 30 minutes live on air (minimum). Only 50 Swiss francs for every extra 30 minute.


No satellite uplink booking is necessary. We use our own internet servers and we can broadcast live, at any time, from places such as:

  • A diplomatic mission in Geneva (e.g. interview with an Ambassador).
  • Organizations like the UN, WHO, UNHCR, WTO, WIPO, etc with our accredited cameraman (events and side events of organizations, press conferences, etc).
  • Business offices, corporate meeting rooms, auditoria, conference halls (e.g. congresses, annual meetings, etc)
  • Sport & worship venues, hotels, restaurants, from private homes, etc.
  • Our private TV studio in Geneva (e.g. for a talk show or interview with 2 – 3 guests).

… and more.


Discuss with us your needs about your video related project in Switzerland without any obligation.